Whats Next…

What is next? If jackass doesn't file his paper work by January 10 AND serve me (that is the key there AND serve me... it isn't legal if he doesn't serve me), the petition will automatically go into default. What does that mean? Well, it means he like usual admits fault. He knows what he … Continue reading Whats Next…

Best $50 spent

If you ever need a private investigator, I have agood great one I can recommend. He is former law enforcement of 25 years. I provided him with information and literally within 5 minutes I had my results. It is my holiday gift to myself. The evolution of self so to say. Won't say just yet. … Continue reading Best $50 spent

Old computer

I'm setting up my old laptop so I can spy on my two dogs while I'm gone at doctors appointments and while on there I found some interesting photos.  I found a photo of Joe when he got beat up by a drug dealer and the text message that followed.  I found a photo of … Continue reading Old computer

I don’t even know

Since April 2015 my life has been pretty much on a roller coaster. Since August of 2015, my life has been roller coaster in the a theme park called HELL. And yesterday I got declared disabled by my doctor. I don't even know what to think. It is based on the following: (and all because … Continue reading I don’t even know

Ill leave this here

I wonder how he drives...oh illegally.  When he got into his alleged motprcyclr accident he had no drivers license. Interesting 

Recent conversation

I spoke to a federal attorney yesterday who shed some light on a lot of things for me. Shed some light on admission of digital evidence after it has been altered. Shed some some light on how the video produced by Joe to paint me in bad light is not admissible and really doesn't hold … Continue reading Recent conversation

Two years ago

Two years ago today Joe tried to kill me. Here I am today in the state of health I am and I am glad his karma is catching up to him. I recently got told by someone admitting Joe framed me and the Tampa PD fucked up in the investigation. I won't say who nor … Continue reading Two years ago