Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole

Gun violence is something that is very rampid in the United States. Keeping guns out of a criminals hand is impossible. This is a reality. We can out law every kind of weapon in the world, however, if a criminal wants the weapon, they will get it. Domestic violence is a reality as well! Currently … Continue reading Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole


Yesterday, November 5th, in Texas a gunman walked into a Texas church and killed half of the people in that church. He was an Air Force Veteran who like Joseph De Riso had been kicked out because of violence against women. Also like Joseph De Riso, he cannot legally own a gun.  Moreover like Joseph … Continue reading Triggers…

Two years ago

Two years ago today Joe tried to kill me. Here I am today in the state of health I am and I am glad his karma is catching up to him. I recently got told by someone admitting Joe framed me and the Tampa PD fucked up in the investigation. I won't say who nor … Continue reading Two years ago

My new life mission

My new life mission.  I will personally destroy my husband by exposing everything about him. Every last little secret.  After the bomb shell I got today, I'm not holding back anything anymore. 

The 2 sides of me 

There are two sides of me. The one everyone in public gets to see and the one I have to deal with every day.  I struggle every day since August 2015 and most would never know it because I hide it by putting on a mask; a fake smile.  In reality, I struggle with:  TBI … Continue reading The 2 sides of me