Narcissist! Anti-social Personality Disorder! When you think of the likes of Ted Bundy, think of him! Think of Joe! Who else has had it in the past? Jeffery Dahmer, the CEO of Enron, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy… You get the picture!!!!

He does NOT have PTSD! He has self-diagnosed PTSD. I have his medical records from the V.A. that he downloaded on the laptop I let him use that I had previous to us getting married. Even the therapist said he didn’t have PTSD. However, he does have anti-social personality disorder.

What is ASPD?



Antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD, have a number of distorted pattern that are very apparent. Joe has this history and it is very much apparent in his history. Hell, even Stevie Wonder can see it. These patterns and behaviors or attitudes include:

Repeated pattern of breaking the law

Habitual lying

Poor impulse control

Disregard for personal safety of others

Complete lack of remorse

Lack of concern over consequences

Cruelty to animals or people

Bullying or intimidation of others

Irresponsible with finances, work family

Inability (or lack of desire to) change behavior based on past negative consequences

Ability to behaving in a charming, witty way

Ability to flatter and manipulate the emotions of others

Issues with substance abuse


These symptoms tend to worsen over time, especially when they are enabled by family members.


Joe stood in court and lied to the Judge stating he was the sole caregiver and bread winner for his children. He stated he couldn’t go to jail for beating me. If it weren’t for me correcting him and proving to the Judge that Joe was lying, Joe would have gotten away with it. Joe cannot even see his children without supervision. Why? VIOLENCE AND DRUGS! He doesn’t even pay for child support! I paid for the medical, dental and vision insurance.

He lied to his counselors while going through the VA in Tampa. It is noted in his medical documents which I have. It states he denied any legal issues. Per medical records Veteran had four charges that resulted in convictions, including four DUIs and two probation violations. He also is awaiting charges for domestic violence. In the records it states he has very poor impulse control. He paid NO bills and continuously had to call his mother for money because I refused to give him any money. I paid all the bills.

This is in July of 2015. As well, at the same period of time he states he has a vehicle and a driver’s license. No. He had no license and no vehicle. He continued to go to jail for violating the court’s terms of staying clean and continued to break the “no contact” and “no violent contact” by breaking and beating me.

He lies to GOVERNMENT officials who can put him jail with no regard to the consequences. He lies to doctors. He manipulates everyone around him to try to get his way.

His ability to charm others is like a snake charmer charming a deadly snake. It is really good. Too bad he is the deadly snake.