Domestic Violence

Domestic violence. No one wants to talk about it. It is there and we need to talk about it! PERIOD!

If you take the same time period as the first 11-years as the Iraq and Afghanistan war, the number of women killed by their intimate partners, it is double that the number of service members killed in combat.

Mull over that for a moment.

33% of all women and 25% of all men have been a victim of domestic violence. For every three women you know, one of them could be the victim of domestic violence. That is horrific to think about in reality.

The amount of time it will take you to read this sentence, a woman has been beat or assaulted.

Every nine-seconds a woman in the US is beat or assaulted.

This is not a private issue. This is a society issue!

Domestic violence knows no color or socioeconomic demographic. Occupation, income, environment… none of these are deciding factors if domestic violence will occur.

45% of the women who are victims of domestic violence are raped while being victimized.

Only 34% of people who are injured by intimate partners seek out medical attention.

Society typically says “You can just leave”. It is not that simple. Only 25% of the physical assaults are reported to the police. Some wait a week before even reporting it to the police out of fear of further assaults by the partner.

Women are 70 times more likely to be killed in the first two weeks after leaving than any other time during the relationship. Run that through your head. Let me say that again. WOMEN ARE 70 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE KILLED AFTER LEAVING THAT ANY OTHER TIME DURING THE RELATIONSHIP.

Imagine living in that fear. Imagine living with the fear of having your plan failing and your partner killing you. Imagine living with your partner stalking you and putting your through Hell, making it worse and you living in a nightmare. Imagine the police telling you until your partner actually does something physical there is NOTHING that they can do about it.

The spouses of individuals who are weapons trained, according to multiple studies, the risk of homicide actually is increased by 500%.

An estimated 98% of women experience “financial abuse” where their spouse controls the money. Studies have proven between 40% to 60% of domestic violence victims lose their jobs due to the abuse. Most escape with no income and financial resources.

19% of all domestic violence in the U.S. involves a gun. The presence of a gun increases the risk of homicide by 500%.

One in every 15 children in the U.S. are witness to domestic violence in their home. The World Health Organization has proven that children who are exposed to this type of violence are more prone to commit suicide.

There are serious economic effects as well. The cost of domestic violence exceeds $8.3 billion annually with a total of 8 million days of paid work days off.  22% of workplace violence are domestic violence related.

Overall, domestic violence makes up for 15% of all the crime.