Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole

Gun violence is something that is very rampid in the United States. Keeping guns out of a criminals hand is impossible. This is a reality. We can out law every kind of weapon in the world, however, if a criminal wants the weapon, they will get it. Domestic violence is a reality as well! Currently … Continue reading Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole

I don’t even know

Since April 2015 my life has been pretty much on a roller coaster. Since August of 2015, my life has been roller coaster in the a theme park called HELL. And yesterday I got declared disabled by my doctor. I don't even know what to think. It is based on the following: (and all because … Continue reading I don’t even know

Go buy coffee

Most know last year I went on vacation to Costa Rica with some old friends. While there I bought some things (coffee related related). When I got back to the states, I set up even more things (coffee related). Now, go buy coffee.... my coffee company to be exact. Single origin from the one of … Continue reading Go buy coffee

# 12

I only told three people this last week where I was actually going. It wasn't to where I said I was going on my blog. I am actually in Phoenix right now. My poochies and I got on the RV and we were driven out here, stopping only for fuel and snacks, to come out … Continue reading # 12

Art is interpretiveĀ 

Art is interpretive. Take it how you want. This is a piece we are offering in the store in both women's and mens shirts, women's yoga pants, womens and men's canvas high tops and canvas lo-tops, luggage (we actually sold out already in our carry on size), men's and women's tank tops and poster prints.  … Continue reading Art is interpretiveĀ 

The 2 sides of meĀ 

There are two sides of me. The one everyone in public gets to see and the one I have to deal with every day.  I struggle every day since August 2015 and most would never know it because I hide it by putting on a mask; a fake smile.  In reality, I struggle with:  TBI … Continue reading The 2 sides of meĀ