Recent conversation

I spoke to a federal attorney yesterday who shed some light on a lot of things for me. Shed some light on admission of digital evidence after it has been altered. Shed some some light on how the video produced by Joe to paint me in bad light is not admissible and really doesn't hold … Continue reading Recent conversation

Two years ago

Two years ago today Joe tried to kill me. Here I am today in the state of health I am and I am glad his karma is catching up to him. I recently got told by someone admitting Joe framed me and the Tampa PD fucked up in the investigation. I won't say who nor … Continue reading Two years ago

My new life mission

My new life mission.  I will personally destroy my husband by exposing everything about him. Every last little secret.  After the bomb shell I got today, I'm not holding back anything anymore. 

June 19

June 19 is a very significant day for me. It marks an anniversary for me. One I won't say. The other person who shares this day knows the insignificance.  As well, it continues in the evolution in which was started while this blog was down for two-weeks. One of which I am looking forward to … Continue reading June 19

And we are public

I closed it down for a minute because I was going to move it to a bigger platform hosting site.  However....AFTER I did I started receiving messages with words that aren't so nice. Words that, let's just say have a fucking junkie short limp dick meth head genital wart mother Fucker written all over it.  … Continue reading And we are public

# 12

I only told three people this last week where I was actually going. It wasn't to where I said I was going on my blog. I am actually in Phoenix right now. My poochies and I got on the RV and we were driven out here, stopping only for fuel and snacks, to come out … Continue reading # 12