June 19

June 19 is a very significant day for me. It marks an anniversary for me. One I won't say. The other person who shares this day knows the insignificance.  As well, it continues in the evolution in which was started while this blog was down for two-weeks. One of which I am looking forward to … Continue reading June 19

And we are public

I closed it down for a minute because I was going to move it to a bigger platform hosting site.  However....AFTER I did I started receiving messages with words that aren't so nice. Words that, let's just say have a fucking junkie short limp dick meth head genital wart mother Fucker written all over it.  … Continue reading And we are public

# 12

I only told three people this last week where I was actually going. It wasn't to where I said I was going on my blog. I am actually in Phoenix right now. My poochies and I got on the RV and we were driven out here, stopping only for fuel and snacks, to come out … Continue reading # 12

Sunday Wisdom (photo)

Some mother f*ckers should have known by now this applies to me.  I have no reason to lie and I am anything but weak.  Joseph Michael DeRiso this is a promise I am coming for YOU and your junkie girlfriend! You really fucked up this time!