That moment when

You know that moment when you catch someone in a lie and they know it?  I just did Joe.  I hate it when that happens😁😁😁  I have it in writing he refused to cooperate. That's all I needed to go forward in the divorce.  Don't bull shit some one who was in sales at one … Continue reading That moment when

I don’t even know

Since April 2015 my life has been pretty much on a roller coaster. Since August of 2015, my life has been roller coaster in the a theme park called HELL. And yesterday I got declared disabled by my doctor. I don't even know what to think. It is based on the following: (and all because … Continue reading I don’t even know

Ill leave this here

I wonder how he drives...oh illegally.  When he got into his alleged motprcyclr accident he had no drivers license. Interesting 


Sorry it has been a minute since I updated. I have been super busy. I will update in bullet points. HEALTH Still dealing with the TBI stuff. Seeing a new neuro doc since the old one stopped accepting my insurance. It is what it is. He prescribed me a medication that I had a really … Continue reading update

Go buy coffee

Most know last year I went on vacation to Costa Rica with some old friends. While there I bought some things (coffee related related). When I got back to the states, I set up even more things (coffee related). Now, go buy coffee.... my coffee company to be exact. Single origin from the one of … Continue reading Go buy coffee

Just wow.

My son is visiting while I am where I am currently. I won't say where that is exactly because of safety issues. He was sitting in one of my vehicles on the side of the house talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend when he said a man in a white mid-size SUV pulled … Continue reading Just wow.

Recent conversation

I spoke to a federal attorney yesterday who shed some light on a lot of things for me. Shed some light on admission of digital evidence after it has been altered. Shed some some light on how the video produced by Joe to paint me in bad light is not admissible and really doesn't hold … Continue reading Recent conversation