Best $50 spent

If you ever need a private investigator, I have agood great one I can recommend. He is former law enforcement of 25 years. I provided him with information and literally within 5 minutes I had my results. It is my holiday gift to myself. The evolution of self so to say. Won't say just yet. … Continue reading Best $50 spent

What are the reasons? Let me count the

What are the reasons one would go to a federal district court? Especially in a border state? I can only think of one reason. It does not take a rocket scientist (or a chemist) to figure out why.     Ahh Tuesday can't get here quick enough. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.    

I am laughing

Dear wife beater and rapist, dead beat dad, meth head, crackhead, Big Chicken Dinner Discharge only in 27 months, murderer of a college professor, suspect in murders and rapes in your own home state of MULTIPLE WOMEN, CONVICTED VIOLENT FELON, CONVICTED WOMAN BEATER, thief, liar, cheater, carrier of disease, and stalker, Thank you for reading … Continue reading I am laughing

Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole

Gun violence is something that is very rampid in the United States. Keeping guns out of a criminals hand is impossible. This is a reality. We can out law every kind of weapon in the world, however, if a criminal wants the weapon, they will get it. Domestic violence is a reality as well! Currently … Continue reading Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole


Yesterday, November 5th, in Texas a gunman walked into a Texas church and killed half of the people in that church. He was an Air Force Veteran who like Joseph De Riso had been kicked out because of violence against women. Also like Joseph De Riso, he cannot legally own a gun.  Moreover like Joseph … Continue reading Triggers…

Old computer

I'm setting up my old laptop so I can spy on my two dogs while I'm gone at doctors appointments and while on there I found some interesting photos.  I found a photo of Joe when he got beat up by a drug dealer and the text message that followed.  I found a photo of … Continue reading Old computer

That moment when

You know that moment when you catch someone in a lie and they know it?  I just did Joe.  I hate it when that happens😁😁😁  I have it in writing he refused to cooperate. That's all I needed to go forward in the divorce.  Don't bull shit some one who was in sales at one … Continue reading That moment when