Radio silence

Sorry for the silence. I have been planning and executing my next move. He, his mother and his family had the opportunity to cooperate. Their time expired. I am no longer playing nice. I am going to be a ROYAL CUNT from now on. They haven't seen anything yet.

Whats Next…

What is next? If jackass doesn't file his paper work by January 10 AND serve me (that is the key there AND serve me... it isn't legal if he doesn't serve me), the petition will automatically go into default. What does that mean? Well, it means he like usual admits fault. He knows what he … Continue reading Whats Next…

Mommy Dearest

Mommy dearest is doing his dirty work and reading this blog. She must be looking for something to help her precious little boy in the divorce. Well I will give her something to read. April 7 - My son's birthday, after I got off the phone with my son he accused me of cheating because … Continue reading Mommy Dearest

Must miss me

The saying is a leopard never loses their spots. In this case, a crackhead never loses their crack pipe and a narcassistic, woman beating felon who is behind in his child support never truly changes his ways. He is very predictable. So his enabler. Two hours he spent reading this blog. Well just under. TWO … Continue reading Must miss me

Best $50 spent

If you ever need a private investigator, I have agood great one I can recommend. He is former law enforcement of 25 years. I provided him with information and literally within 5 minutes I had my results. It is my holiday gift to myself. The evolution of self so to say. Won't say just yet. … Continue reading Best $50 spent