Medical Vacation – It is such a thing

I have been actually medically order to take a vacation… sort of.

My insurance is paying for me to fly to a wellness spa of sorts. For safety reasons I won’t say where it is at because lord knows the peering eyes will run to the scum sucking Satan’s spawn and tell him. He will find a way to make sure he ruins it.

My PCP and my neurologist has ordered that I go to this wellness that specializes in spine, brain and neck. As well, mental clarity . They practice integrated medicine as well. It is located in an multi-million dollar resort.

My neurologist is putting me through a battery of tests to clear me for travel. I am hoping I pass.

I haven’t been able to pass the stress tests. The doctors say this is attributed to the brain trauma has led to my heart damage also.

So I can thank a junkie named Joseph Michael DeRiso for my heart damage and continued fight. I guess I can thank him in a way for my awesome vacation coming up where I get to spend my 14 days at a multi-million dollar resort being pampered.

Hell I supported his lazy ass. I paid all the bills. I took him on luxury vacations including once a month taking him on a long weekend to the Keys, Vegas, Jamaica, Bahamas, DC, Gulfport, New Orleans and more. Had three cars. Motorcycles. All the theme parks in the Tampa and Orlando area. Two boats. Five 60″ tvs. Swimming pool. Jacuzzi. Four wheelers. Two motorcross bikes

So it is time I finally get paid back. And of course since it is his fault, I guess we should all thank him. I lost it all because of him. I lost my life of who I used to be because of him. But as a result I get to go on spectacular vacations because he is a scum bag. There is a perk for sure.