‘Practicing medicine’

January 31 I was in my shower taking a shower when I felt this wave of dizziness come about me. Next thing you know I wake up and I am on the ground with cold water running over me.

Well this meant I was passed out for at least 10-minutes.

I called my PCP and they said to go to the ER to be on the side of precaution.

Being I have head trauma (17 concussions in 14 months and one Grade II TBI thanks to Joseph De Riso) as well as epilepsy due to the TBI, I have to listen to their advice. Let me first explain my epilepsy. I don’t have the type of seizures that you jerk around. I have focal seizures. I stare into space. Sometimes my eyes flutter. I have had the kind in the past where my arm has stiffened up but for the most part I just lose consciousness without falling asleep if that makes any sense. It is like being detached from my body.

Anyway, so I went to the local ER. Mind you it is in the height of flu season. I was surrounded by two types of people. People who should have just taken Tami-flu and people who were just there seeking pills.

Welcome to my area. Home of the pill seeking junkies. No wonder Joseph De Riso moved here in the first place. But I digress.

So get back. They run a battery of blood test, EKG, brain can, neck scan, lung scan, and heart scan.

I get admitted.

Fun times. 

They run more blood test.

I ask multiple times is there anything wrong with my blood?

Always, “no.”

Fast forward.

I don;t have anyone to take my dogs out during the day. I have to check myself out.

Well, there is more to that but I won’t get into it right now. Too many peeping eyes.But it has to deal with the scumbag. I am thankful for CCTv. He may be in AZ but his friends aren’t. I am just happy I have a weapon. 

Fast forward some more.

I check my health records and I am PISSED! PISSED THE F**K OFF!

First let me say I have NEVER in my life touched drugs.

Well that is not true. When I found Joseph DeRiso’s drugs in my bathroom I threw them at him and told him to get the f**k out of my house. My house which I paid all the bills. That is the ONLY time I have ever touched drugs or been around drugs. Then in front of him I stepped on them and told him if he ever comes back to my house I will make sure he will regret it. I F**KING HATE DRUGS! My biological mother was a junkie. I hate drugs. They destroy people. 

So I check my health records and what do I see?

They drew for amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, opaites, PCP, and weed. I was floored.

Why did they draw for that? 

A couple reasons.

  1. I am completely sleeved out. I don’t look like a person who has a PhD. If you are to look at me you wouldn’t say “hey there is a person who is a patent holder or who currently has something in line in the patent office.” No. I guess they saw junkie. They saw your typical junkie from this area. That pissed me off really bad because I am in this position BECAUSE JOSEPH DERISO is a junkie and brutally beat me.
  2. I struggle with words. My speech is affected because of the brain trauma. I struggle with recall and details. When it comes to speaking I can’t articulate like I used to be able to any more. This is because JOSEPH DERISO BRUTALLY BEAT ME AND CAUSED TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. BECAUSE HE IS A JUNKIE! A F**KING JUNKIE!
  3. I have sensory processing disorder. I can’t deal with bright lights and sounds. My brain gets overloaded and I start to shut down. I start to become anxious and then very tired. This started happening. Why does this happen? BECAUSE JOSEPH DERISO BRUTALLY BEAT ME AND HE IS A F**KING JUNKIE!

When I was discharged they said they suspected that I had a mild heart attack. Well, in the paperwork it says otherwise. It says “diagnosis unknown.” In the meanwhile, I asked them several times about my blood work.

Their comment, there is nothing wrong with your blood work.


Low Hemocrit

Low Hemoglobin

High Mean Cell HGB

High Mean Cell Volume

High Mean Platelet Volume

Low Red Blood Cell Count

Low Calcium Count

High Chloride Count

Low Carbon Dioxide Count

High Sodium Count

High TSH (which actually means the opposite BTW)



SGOT/AST – low





I know that doesn’t mean anything to a lot of people. However, I am in remission right now. I keep a close watch on my blood. I told them that. I have also had a stroke in the past. I keep a very close watch on my blood.  I also like to adjust my diet to put my levels back to where they are supposed to be.

But wait there is more. 

They also failed to tell me I have a disease in my kidneys that affects the tube coming from my kidney to my bladder. They also failed to tell me that I have something wrong in my neck that part of the reason I get such bad headaches plus  it cuts off oxygen to my brain. The neck injury is from Joseph DeRiso. That goes back to him being a junkie.

Nothing like “practicing medicine.”

It has been since determined that the reason I passed out is because my blood pressure bottomed out. Why? No clue. It could be a heart attack. It could be stress. It could be a bunch of factors.

Either way I have a junkie named Joseph DeRiso to making my life what it is today. I wish he would just get a hold of some fentynal and do the world a favor.