and the verdict is

$2800 a month in spousal support for as long as I until I never get married again (guess what I will never do again)

Responsible for my health care as long as I never get married again (guess what I will never do again)

Must establish and maintain life insurance

must pay ALL of my medical bills (oh that is OVER $900,000 that is now being attached to HIS credit and taken off mine.. and they are now being given HIS social security number)

$279,496 in back pay of damages for my injuries and lost wages

Oh I should list the assets but I won’t because he will try to hide them or sell them. I will just wait to show up with the cops, moving truck and friends to move all the shit. It will be fun to see his face and his crackhead FIVEHEAD’s face to move all the shit. It isn’t theft to move ALL MY SHIT out of the apartment.

Patience is a virtue. You never know when I will show up. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. It could be next month. It could be three months down the line. My court order didn’t give a time line. But it did give a list and a value. Oh my shopping will be fun. Oh and Arizona law plays to my favor.

I am not a bitch. I am the type of bitch you beat me, make me have multiple surgeries, put me in a wheelchair.. I will make you AND your girlfriend pay since she is too stupid to believe his dumb ass and is benefiting from MY money. Even AFTER she has been given evidence of the his felony.

I know his family reads this. I am coming for precious Joey. I am coming for him good. I am coming for his meth head girl friend too. I am coming with court orders too. If you only knew what is on the court papers. He will shit himself. I am not like Christine. I am not weak.