But how do you know my name….

Knock knock

“Brandi Miller, is Joseph De Riso home?”

“How did you know my name?”

Those were her words.

Even better.

“She looks very sunken in. Her face looks very sunken in. You can tell she does drugs. They both do drugs. They is for sure nothing to look at and what every they do have, they both either shoot it up or smoke it up.”

Further conversation with my other PI, I was told “I found her on Backpage. So he is pimping her out on Backpage. Why pimp her out since he is getting what he is rated at the VA plus he is working? I don’t see how anyone would want to sleep with her. She is ugly as sin. But the photos I have of the guys that come in and out of the apartment, they are not exactly Hedgefund manager types.”

I am sure his mama has to be proud. She has a meth head woman beating felon son who has a meth head hooker for a girlfriend… but hey that is an “upgrade”. LOL Oh okay.

Upgrade from all his bills paid for, multiple vehicles, luxury vacations, big screen TV, annual membership to multiple theme parks, going out to eat at high end restaurants four to five nights a week, boat, gym membership, country club membership, and more. Bills always paid. I am cracking up.

So Miss “How do you know my name”, he is all yours. You have been screwing a married man for some time and you have been being lied to for some time. I hope you enjoy the evidence I included in there. I knew you would be the one who would be served. You can’t deny evidence honey. When he murders you… oh never mind, you are junkie just like him. You two deserve each other. Crackheads. Meth heads.