Mommy Dearest

Mommy dearest is doing his dirty work and reading this blog. She must be looking for something to help her precious little boy in the divorce. Well I will give her something to read.

April 7 – My son’s birthday, after I got off the phone with my son he accused me of cheating because I said I love you and see you soon. He choked me and threw me to the floor and began punching me in the face while choking me. This after he took a $3,600 check and hid it knowing it was a check that I needed to go see my son. If it weren’t for the issuer threatening to press charges if it was cashed, he wasn’t going to give it to me. He made up a story it was stuck in the door frame. He took off before the cops could get there. I ended up in the ER with a cracked cheek bone and a sprained wrist.

April 9th – my tires were slashed. I had to call the cops. I had to call a friend from 45 miles away to come change my tire while I was at work. The neighbor said they saw him on the side of my house.

April 10th – he broke in my house and pulled me out of my shower beating and raping me sending me to the hospital. This is the case that send him to Veteran’s Treatment Court and what he got a felony from.

April 13th – He cut my cable wires outside and my AC wires. It was caught on camera. A police report was made.

April 23rd – He showed up at my work with flowers and a DEA agent had to remove him because there was a no contact order. When I got home, he was in my drive way where he beat me in my drive way accusing me of cheating with the DEA agent.

April 29th – He was caught breaking in to my home through a window. My neighbor called the police and he was arrested.

I can keep going. There are 6 in May; 4 in June; 8 in July and 3 in August. There is one in July that from some much head trauma I had a stroke. Yes, a stroke. He showed up at the hospital. The doctor wanted to admit me but I was so scared to stay because Joe was there and I thought he was going to kill me, I ended up leaving. This jeopardized my own health. He said he was going to kill me. Each time he beat me, I got a concussion. A total of 16 concussions in under a year with the final head trauma being a Grade II Traumatic Brain Injury.

So here is your reading material. The permanent injury is NOT curable nor will it get much better. My brain injury is that of a person who played football for 20 years. It is that of a person who boxed for 20 years. And mine comes from under a year. Under a year of being beat at the hands of Joseph De Riso.

Here is your reading material mommy dearest. The Judge will have more reading material than this though in the form of medical records to support all of it that says it is all as a direct result of it all.