I got a great Christmas gift…early

I have been on edge with anticipation for the last 18 hours.

Let me go back a couple weeks.

I offered my mother-in-law one last chance to give up Joe’s address to have him served with the divorce.

You know, that thing he refuses to cooperate with and just give me. He has to have control over everything. Not this time. Not anymore. Not after he has left me in the state I am in. Sorry about his luck. 

She again swore he lived at her house in New York. She gave her address again to have him served there. Now you know where he learned the narcissistic behaviors from. Apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

You see though it had been confirmed by the county sheriff he didn’t live there. It had also been confirmed by a private investigator and five of their customers he didn’t live there.

I bought myself one of a few gifts for Christmas. I call them “liberation gifts“. I spent money on a private investigator who is a retired law enforcement officer. One of the best on the market. He gave me the address, phone numbers, people who live there, how long he has lived there, and other things I won’t divulge at this moment. I am saving it for later. In the info it literally told me that he had been seen the day before the report was given.

Plus why should I give Christine any ammo on him and help her. She has refused to help me. Too bad because I have so much info on him to bury him so deep it will take him five-years to get out from under it.

I then paid a person to verify he lived there. Through methods I won’t reveal at this point, they verified and sent me proof he did live there. As well, they sent other information which I won’t divulge either.

From there, I paid another person to find out track where else he can be served. This meant to follow him and see where he frequents. Talk about some interesting information. This information has been shared with the appropriate people by the way. I have made sure it was shared. Including the photos and video that was taken as evidence. The person I hired is licensed to do this.

I received another text message from his mother stating “I am here” attempting to leave the inference that Joe was there in NY. Yes, after verifying Joe was in in Glendale, Arizona. Yes, Glendale, Arizona not Port Jefferson New York.

Then yesterday, December 20th, after everything was set in place I filed for divorce. And today December 21st, following the rules of service of the State that the divorce is filed in, he was served with the divorce. He has 20 CALENDAR days to answer it.

He has to serve me with the answer along with the court. If he doesn’t, then it is not valid. He has to file certain forms (I am not saying which ones… he is illiterate, stupid, and thinks he knows everything so I will let him try to figure it out) and every single one of them he has to serve me with or if he doesn’t it is not valid. As well, under the rules of the Court, he can’t write a letter to the Court. He can’t attend via telephone. He has to either hire an attorney  or show up.

I wish he would show up. I would love for him to see what he has done to me. I would love for him to see that I am in a wheelchair because of him. I would love for him to hear from my neurologist who treats my TBI and other neurological dysfunction. I would love for him to hear from my ENT doctor who treats my endocrine dysfunction that is also related to TBI. I would love for him to hear from my psych doc that treats my PTSD, agoraphobia, Panic disorder, claustrophobia and anxiety. I would love for him to hear from my neck and spine doctor who treats my back and neck injury from him. I would love for him to hear from my ortho doctor who treats my wrist and shoulder injury. I would love for him to hear from my cardiologist who treats my heart condition that is directly related to my TBI. I would love for him to hear from my primary care doctor who treats all my other issues that are directly related to his abuse. I would love for him to hear from my dermatologist who treats my telogen effluvium.  But he won’t because he is a pussy and a coward. That is what cowards do. They run from things like this. He didn’t show up to his first divorce hearing, why would he show up to this one.

I will say this, if he doesn’t respond or show up everything I asked for in the petition I will get because it will be as if he didn’t contest it and he agreed. It doesn’t matter if he agrees with it or not, all the evidence I have against him, I will get it anyways. Then you add in he plead guilty to breaking in my home on April 10, pulling me out of the shower and beating me which resulted in me going to the hospital and I ended up with a concussion, facial lacerations,  fractured wrist, and fractured orbital bone. He withdrew his not guilty plea and plead guilty. He ended up with a felony sentence. I will get everything I ask for. Especially with everything else the PI uncovered.

So merry Christmas to me. He can try to hide and run…too bad. I found him and he got served. Oh and because there is the related case of him pulling me out of the shower beating me, I did have to include the felony in there. Who ever accepted it now knows that it is true and not a lie that he is a woman beating piece of shit who does actually beat and rape women and yes he did actually withdraw his guilty plea and plea guilty to it all.

Merry Christmas to me!!!!!