Must miss me

The saying is a leopard never loses their spots. In this case, a crackhead never loses their crack pipe and a narcassistic, woman beating felon who is behind in his child support never truly changes his ways. He is very predictable. So his enabler.

Two hours he spent reading this blog. Well just under. TWO HOURS! That is the longest he has read anything. Well I know him well that means one of two things:

  1. He misses me (TRY HARDER!)
  2. He is planning something.

It is number two. So sorry helmet wearing window licker but you have to file in the county where it is already filed. That is Manatee County FLORIDA!!!! . By filing in a separate county He has just violated the law. Yes I will have him thrown in jail quicker than his girlfriend goes down on the neighborhood meth dealer.  Jail, that place he is familiar with and will continue to be familiar with as long as I am around and justice will be served for EVERYTHING he has ever done to me.

He can think he has one up on me by reading (and most likely printing out everything on this blog.. everything but the incriminating stuff) this blog to try to use against me, well he forgot one thing. I have the law on my side. He forgot one BIG thing. He withdrew his not guilty plea for the April 10, 2015 incident where he broke in my home and drug me out of my shower, beating me unconscious and sending me to the hospital. He plead guilty to a FELONY which included him ordered to pay out to rape crisis and domestic violence funds. He forgets about that. By the way, he has not paid that or his DUI fines. Yes, I have the police report, all the doctors reports from that day, photos, and imaging which showed a head injury. Also the photos of where he broke my toilet with my head, and the other damage to my bathroom. Subsequently he went to jail four more times during the course of that court case for violating the court’s orders to no violent contact. The April 10th attack came 3 days after the original attack that started the chain of causation.

So he can spend all time time he wants on this blog. It is okay. I don’t mind. I have a BIG surprise coming and BIG news coming right before Christmas. I am so excited to make it. I feel like I am going to burst at the seems if I don’t just say it but I can’t.

All I can say is it the best Christmas present I have ever purchased. Better than the last one. So good I almost peed myself when I got it.