Bandwidth, Cingular (Att) & Verizon .. oh my

I have Verizon. I am not very sure yet if I like it. I had T-Mobile. Switched over after 13-years with the company. I half regret it and the other half like it. Nonetheless, it is meh. I don’t even have the same number. I had the same number for a few years and got it changed because of continuing death threats by Joe’s family.

I mean really. I am in a freaking wheelchair! Joe put me in a wheelchair! What more do you want from me??? I can’t get much more worse in my life unless I die and he didn’t kill me and I sure in the Hell am not going to die. He can kiss my ass before that happens. I wish him dead every day but that is besides the point. I wish when he got hit earlier this year (oh what a lovely day that was), he would have died. I could have been a widow. But no the Devil doesn’t die. He just regroups.

Anyways, I have a catch all number I use to fill out the online free sample stuff. It is my Google voice number. I highly recommend doing that. As well, if you are filling out for a credit card or an insurance quote, Google voice is a great way to avoid your phone ringing off the hook. Just an FYI. Also, get a spam email. I have a catch all email that I use to throw all my junk email into that I use for all the stuff I sign up for.

This is not what this post is about. So I got some news last night. So speaking of Google voice, is a VIop type of phone number is like Google voice. Now unlike my catch all number, this person doesn’t use their VIop number for good. They use their number to cheat and to get away with no good. Lets look at the look at the last four.


5 hits of meth

6 whores slept with

3 crack rocks

2 new STDs

Then there is AT&T. Which I considered going with actually. Then I realized how shitting their coverage is actually compared to Verizon. Why would I want the same thing anyways as the skank sucking on my STD infested cracked out husband’s d**k? I figure the whole “can you hear me now” thing with her five head is enough to turn me off the brand and know that the company gives service to anyone. Or maybe they have prepaid. I don’t know.

8 hits of meth

3 reasons to sleep with married men

7 crack stems

8 feet of forehead

Like me and having Verizon, someone else has Verizon too. I will leave that there. I won’t get into much more detail. I will let the suspense linger. I shouldn’t unlock all my secrets. But then if I did, I would know exactly who to call. He comes next week. Ohhh the suspense is killing me.


I wonder what her favorite color is? I wonder if it is red like most skanks like? But then I don’t think they will bring a specific color.