I am laughing

Dear wife beater and rapist, dead beat dad, meth head, crackhead, Big Chicken Dinner Discharge only in 27 months, murderer of a college professor, suspect in murders and rapes in your own home state of MULTIPLE WOMEN, CONVICTED VIOLENT FELON, CONVICTED WOMAN BEATER, thief, liar, cheater, carrier of disease, and stalker,

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for taking the bait. Thank you for taking the full bait. The post about the the text messages between you and Christine, the photos of you getting beat up by the drug dealer, the screen shot between you and someone else texting each other and such. It was on the old computer that was in the living room in our home we once shared. Why was it on there? Well dumb ass because you thought I still used that computer and had your Apple bullshit on it and still had access to that computer. Well fucktard, I also have access to your LOCATION when you shut it down. (oh I am at my mothers house.. LMAO oh okay)

So good job on taking the bait and shutting it down. By the way, I downloaded EVERYTHING!!!! EVERY LAST THING! INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING:

  • Your conversation with some chic where you are selling something. I will let you figure out what you are selling. J???
  • The conversation where you buying something from someone in Seffner. I will let you figure out what you are buying. By the way, the statute of limitations in Florida for that crime is three years to charge you and your three years didn’t expire. You fucked up attempting to buy that. And your friend has already been contacted. She rolled over on you. Well it helps considering she has a child and yeah, I used her job against her and the fact I will call DCF quickly. … oh wait I did anyways. Go figure you hanging out with that type…..ESCORT ALWAYS EQUAL HOOKER! I bet you Christine would like to know that you were trying to buy what you did and WHY you were trying to buy it. Especially since it was both her and I that were in danger.
  • The photo of you in a hotel with your hand on your… well, I think you know what. I shouldn’t have to say and photo of the chic on your… well, again I shouldn’t have to say. Toothless methhead on her knees….typical of you. No wonder you have genital warts.
  • All the screen shots of your conversations with Christine.
  • Your divorce from Christine. Oh yeah, I have that. Including where you signed off on her welfare case lying saying you didn’t live with her so she could get state help. Yet, I have your other statement saying you lived in the same apartment with her during the same time. Nothing beats welfare fraud.
  • Your Capital One 360 account in Christine and your name. You know the one you started in HER name and had Melissa help you. The one you started so you could take all of the tax return. Yeah, that one. I have a copy of all of that.
  • All sort of stuff from the VA including the fact I am entitled to a lot of stuff you have been holding back from me. So from where I stand that is 2 years of you owe me. I hope you are ready to bend the fuck over because yes fucker I am coming for you! I am coming for you as hard as you hit my head against the wall on August 9/10, 2015.

I could keep going but why give you everything I have.  So when you closed down all of the Apple on the old computer, you forgot one thing… I own the computer and it is mine with full access to everything on the computer including the full history you accessed on it while I was at work. (OH FUCK!!!) As well, everything you downloaded including your VA records. Yes, your VA records.

Oh and your  FULL SRB. Probably don’t remember that do you? yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have done so much meth. You see when I moved out, remember the reason you attempted to fucking murder me besides I was moving out my home so you couldn’t beat me anymore? And so I didn’t have be in danger any more or support you anymore? Probably don’t remember do you? Why did you start bashing my head into the wall in the front room? Why did you kick me in the face and beat me in the face?

You probably don’t remember one of the things you kept asking me for do you because of one of the things I grabbed when I was attempting to escape you, do you? One of the things I had already taken and put in a safe place.  One thing I am and will bury you with! All that paperwork you were demanding..FUCK YOU! I STILL HAVE IT AND I WILL BURY YOU!

So dear woman beating rapist, you piece of shit.. you may think you won but you didn’t. I am laughing because I downloaded EVERYTHING! I backed EVERYTHING UP! Not only did I back it up, I sent it to 5 friends just in case something is to happen to me.




The doctors (as in more than 1) has declared me 100% disabled which just fucked you for the rest of your natural life! I will make sure of it! And by fucked, I will make sure you will BE REMINDED FOR THE REST OF YOUR NATURAL LIFE WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT you are and WHAT YOU DID to me. VIOLENCE against women is not acceptable and your streak against violence against women stopped with me.