Please read, sign & share – domestic violence loop hole & gun show loop hole

Gun violence is something that is very rampid in the United States. Keeping guns out of a criminals hand is impossible. This is a reality. We can out law every kind of weapon in the world, however, if a criminal wants the weapon, they will get it.

Domestic violence is a reality as well! Currently there is a law that states if you have been convicted of Domestic Violence you cannot own a weapon legally. However, many domestic violence offenders who commit gun related offences are going through private owners and through gun shows to buy their weapons. They circumvent the background checks.

There are currently no laws on the books stating that a private owner or purchase through a gun show a background check must be made.

There has been many efforts made to close the gun show loophole. However, every time they have been met with been met with opposition and argument. I have a simple solution that would close the gap and shut those loopholes.

All of the mass shooters in the US recent history all have domestic violence in their past. The last one there was a severe over sight from the US Air Force. I have been fighting for two-years to enact a national registry for convicted violent offenders which include domestic violence and child abuse offenders. This will help close the gap in these sales.

Will it end gun violence in these type of offenders? To say yes would be delusional. But it will make it harder for them to purchase weapons.

In the Bill I am proposing, it will be mandatory for all gun show sellers and private owners to search the  free data base of the potential seller to see if they are on the list. The seller will be required to do a bill of sell and register the Bill of Sale with the state licensing agency. In the bill of sale, there will be wording that states specifically they did a check on the potential buyer and the buyer did come up clean. If they failed to do a check, bypassing the process all together, and the seller commits a violent act with the weapon, the law enforcement will then reserve the right to hold the seller accountable as an accessory to the crime for supplying the violent offender with a weapon to commit the crime.

This registration will also be resourceful for employers. It has the potential to lower work place violence.  It will be resourceful for those who are newly dating people. It is resourceful to ensure the safety and well-being of society in general.

I need 100,000 signatures  by December 8 in order for the White House to even give it a nod. I have been fighting for this cause since August 2015.

Please sign the petition at the link below. I need 99,999 signatures before Dec 8,

Help me close the #DomesticViolenceLoophole and #GunShowLoophole

If you are as passionate about change for the safety of others, please share this. Thank you.