Drugs, Chair & More

Every time I go to the doctor I swear to you they put me on a new medication for some new diagnosis.

Here take this for that because it is going to do XYZ. When in reality it only makes me feel like crap in the end.

I am on so many medications now I forget how many to take in the morning, afternoon and at night.

To top it all off, I ended up being prescribed a Handicapped parking placard. Oh, I am sorry a “disabled person parking permit.” I forgot you can’t say the term handicap any more. It is not PC anymore.

I have a hard time with mobility. I need a new (or gently used) chair. The one I had got stolen while I was at the hospital getting an MRI and then a full body bone scan. Literally, I got on the table to get the MRI, they buzzed it back out of the room into the hall to sit until I got done with my MRI and bone scan. They went back out to get it and were gone a minute. They came back in and asked me if I had someone come and get it.

“No why would I do that. I can’t walk past 150 ft without severe issues.”

That is when they told me about it not being there. I just closed my eyes and just shook my head. I choked back the tears and tried not to cry.

“Can you please bring me a chair and at least push me to my vehicle?”

I got home and started crying. Now I have to figure out where to come up with the money to buy a new one. I am a tad stressed right now when it comes to some things. Money is one of them. I shifted all my money.

Why? Well, I found out that Joseph can take my money. Yeah you read that right. The scum bag can take all my money. That is fucked up in all ways imaginable. But it is true. Because I have a net worth more than him he can demand I pay him. So I shifted all of it and now I have ZERO! I have NOTHING but two vehicles and one of them I am giving to my son after I fix a few things on it.

Where did I shift it to? I will not say. What have I done with it? Will I ever get it back? I will not say. All I will say is that Joseph cannot get his dirty, nasty crack smoking, meth smoking, drug injecting, crack whore screwing hands on any of it.

On a different note, my insurance will run out at the end of the year and because I can no longer afford it, I will no be able to see most of my doctors. I don’t know what I am going to do about that. I am a bit stressed out about that too. My medications are, without insurance, around $7K a month.

My life was not like this before Joseph Michael De Riso tried to kill me. I was stress free for the most part.