Old computer

I’m setting up my old laptop so I can spy on my two dogs while I’m gone at doctors appointments and while on there I found some interesting photos. 

I found a photo of Joe when he got beat up by a drug dealer and the text message that followed. 

I found a photo of a screen shot between him and someone asking of he has some type of drug. 

I found every single screen shot he saved between him & Christine. She is an evil cunt but he is no better. Her mouth is disgusting; along with her lies about me. 

I found a photo of where he got beat up again and his arm is messed up. He told one story on how he did it but I later found out how he did it. 

I found photos of him in a hotel with his penis in his hand and with another female on her knees. I don’t have to tell you what she has her mouth on. Oh there is a date…MARCH 2015! ONE MONTH AFTER WE GOT MARRIED!!!!! 

I found other photos of him and a couple other females in compromising positions and yes while we still lived together AND while I was going through cancer treatment. 

I found photos of stolen property he stole from the place he worked for a short time. 

I found photos he took from Busch Gardens and Sea World. 

How are they on my computer? 

Apple iCloud downloaded them on my computer.

I think I may upload a few of the photos to this blog…let me mull over it.