Current address..hmmm & more

I tried over and over to get the address of Joe so I can get a divorce. Of course no one wants to cooperate. So I went another route. He is already now 18 months in the rear for spousal support. But here you go. While there they included others …so polite. 😁😁😁
Christine…the one who I did nothing to but love my step children, pay for their school supplies, pay for their Christmas, treat them with the same amount of love I do my own children, paid for every visit, and when her and the scum bag would fight in front of the kids I would pull the kids away from them. 

Joseph (Joe’s dad) – the one Joe is commiting identity theft on. 

Mary Anne – my mother in law. Oh I’m looking forward to the amount of debt and scams she has ran. 

Jackie – sister. Her arrests are on there.