Sorry it has been a minute since I updated. I have been super busy. I will update in bullet points.


  • Still dealing with the TBI stuff. Seeing a new neuro doc since the old one stopped accepting my insurance. It is what it is. He prescribed me a medication that I had a really bad reaction to and come to find out it had an opioid in it it. This even after I told him I am anti-opioid. I go back in a couple weeks so we will be having a huge discussion on this.
  • I am seeing an ortho doc about my knee, shoulder, elbow and wrist. I go next week for an MRI on it. I am now in a brace full time on my leg because of my knee. We shall see whats going to happen with my shoulder, elbow and wrist. My lower back is still, well… as it is.
  • I was diagnosed as having “severe claustrophobia”. Which sort of makes sense considering. I have an appointment on Tuesday to talk more about the PTSD and Panic disorder. The neuro doc and I talked about it more as well.
  • I am still not able to drive on roads where there may be semis or a lot of cars. As well, I am not able to drive any distance over 10-15 miles. I just don’t find it comfortable. I had a Hell of a time driving to my neuro doctor. He is in another city about 30 minutes away. I had to route myself on back roads where there are no cars. Talk about nerve wrecking. And then I got on the main road I had no choice but to drive on and I almost threw up from my anxiety. When I got to the parking lot I was in a state of confusion.
  • My hair still hasn’t grown back. The endo doc says it is because of the trauma from Joe beating, raping and setting me on fire that caused it all to fall out and not grow back like it is supposed to. She said it probably never will. So I will be ugly for the rest of my life. He got his way there. It is okay I have learned to live with that. It still hurts daily but hey, I am learning to adjust still.


  • Business is going really good. I just picked up two very good MAJOR accounts. I won’t say who they are because I know dumb ass and his devil mother read it. As well, a few other people who report back to him. But these accounts I got by accident. I got by conversation online about coffee and bitterness. It was kind of funny. Nonetheless, one of the people in the thread was an exec from one the places that I got the account. They ordered two bags of coffee. Next thing you know I was getting an email from the exec asking if I had time for a phone call conference to discuss carrying it at their locations in Florida and California. Of course I am NOT going to turn it down.

One phone call later and me running some numbers, BAM. Contracts were signed for the next year and I am now in their three locations in Florida which I have contracts with 21 of the locations within the Florida locations and at their one location in California, I have contracts with three of locations. And because of one of the locations in the Florida, I am working on obtaining a global contract with an entire chain.

Now the other contract I obtained, they have locations in Florida and California also. That one happened when we were visiting on a VIP moment. First let me say in California they have two locations and I have every coffee shop within the location. I am the sole coffee within the locations including the hotels attached to the brand. In Florida, they have four locations. Again, I am in everyone of the locations including all of the hotels, time shares and resorts attached to the brand. I am in all the restaurants attached to the brand.

We were one of the locations and were in conversation with one of the employees who handle VIP guests. They asked, “so what do you do?” When I replied that I own my own coffee company, the person behind me interrupted and introduced their self. They were one of the execs just catching a ride from one end of the location to the other end. They were asking about my coffee. I gave them the whole run down. How it is six different countries, single origin, you know the entire marketing sales pitch. He asked if I had a business card. I did and happily gave him one.

I got an order for some coffee and noticed what area of Florida it was from. I just assumed it was nothing peculiar. I forgot about the conversation and the order to be honest and I got a phone call from the guy on the tram. He asked what I was doing the follow Friday. I told him I had a business meeting but if we could do something for a Monday or a Tuesday it would be great. I didn’t want to tell him I had to have someone else drive me. I can’t drive the interstate after all.  When I walked in the room there were nine other people.

HOLY CRAP I wanted to throw up! I was on the verge of a panic attack. I explained ahead of time I have aphasia so if I stumble over words and get lost, it is a medical disorder. But I brought all six types of coffee with me, six French Presses and bottle water. I had to ask for cups because I didn’t realize it was going to be a party. I handed out my marketing material and away I went. Three hours later we were just talking like we all knew each other for decades. I left still nervous and threw up in the parking lot.

It is a three hour trip back home from where this place is and we got about half way home when the phone rang. It was the same area code. Oh man I didn’t want to answer it. I was so worried that they were going to deliver bad news. I was worried they were going to deliver the news that because I have an odd appearance they said no or that because my speech is different they said no. I picked up.

“Nikol. We discussed it and are you far away? We would like you to come back. We have a few more things to discuss with you.” I seriously wanted to just say no right then. I was exhausted but I didn’t. “Hold on one minute please. Let me put on you hold please.” I put it on mute and told my driver they wanted me to come back to go over a few more things.

My driver said “really? We are an hour from the house and it is a two hour drive back.” I said, “I will just tell them no. It is okay.” I honestly just wanted to start crying. I could feel it welling up in my eyes. My driver said, “Tell them it will be about two and half hours because we need to stop and get fuel.” I put them back off of mute and said “okay. We will be back in about two and half to three hours because we have to stop and get fuel.”

The voice on the other end said, “Please don’t stop to eat. We would like to take you to eat here at one of our restaurants that your coffee will be in.” I said, “pardon me. Can you repeat that please?” I was smiling so big. He said, “Yes, we have decided to go with your company. We like your attitude and your tenacity. We love the flavor and fullness of your coffee. It has no acidicty. Please don’t eat. Dinner is on us.” After I got off the phone I screamed out of pure joy. I was so happy.


  1. I am still married to the junkie. He refuses to give up a location so he can get served legally. No one seems to want to cooperate. So all this money I am making, he can legally under the law be entitled to. I don’t like that. At least under Florida laws he can legally get his nasty, junkie, meth head, crack head hands on. Or at least try. His disgusting mother seems to think he can as well. I wish he would try and she would try. She would find him some place neither would like.
  2. His mother made some pretty interesting threats. She made some insults too which I laughed about. Then I reminded her I am married to her son.. a crackhead, a meth head and a junkie who has called me every name under the sun even though it is I that paid all the bills and provided him with cars, a home, food, utilities, gas, money to go see his children, the money spent when he did see his children, gifts for his children, school supplies for his children, and more. For some reason she stopped texting me after I reminded her of that. Truth and reality hurts people like her when you smack them in the face with it.
  3. I attempted to serve the junkie at his last apartment when he still lived there but he refused it. His junkie girlfriend also refuses to cooperate. Her brother refuses to cooperate. So I, his wife, went to the VA to capture his VA benefits… or at least the ones that I am entitled to as his wife. As well, the retro since he is committing fraud. They have found it very interesting to say the least since I present all sorts of evidence the two years of fraud he has committed. (don’t fuck with a smart girl)

so there you go. That is the update. Oh there is one more but I can’t update it because the police are investigating it. But I will say this, to the person who did it.. they know who you are and you screw up.