Go buy coffee

Most know last year I went on vacation to Costa Rica with some old friends. While there I bought some things (coffee related related). When I got back to the states, I set up even more things (coffee related). Now, go buy coffee…. my coffee company to be exact. Single origin from the one of the most sought after regions in the world, San Marcos de Tarrazu, San Jose, Costa Rica. From my farm there. From my coffee farm. Well, I own half. It is then shipped here to the states where it is roasted at my coffee company after a customer orders it. It is roasted in small batches. It is then sent for quality control inspection, packaged and shipped by my third party company I hired and waa laa.


Go buy some dang good coffee. It is actually so good I no longer put cream and sugar in my coffee. I actually drink it black.

Throughout the month of September a portion of our proceeds will be going to Global Giving Hurricane Harvey Relief. As well, I am coming up with a special blend where 100% of the profits will be going towards the Global Giving fund.

Go buy coffee.