Just wow.

My son is visiting while I am where I am currently. I won’t say where that is exactly because of safety issues. He was sitting in one of my vehicles on the side of the house talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend when he said a man in a white mid-size SUV pulled up in front of the house with New Jersey license plates. My vehicle has dark tint and in the shade you cannot see inside the vehicle.

He said the man sat in front of the house on the phone and then when he pulled out, the man in the SUV started to follow him. My son said he went down roads he wouldn’t normally go. He called me and asked me if I knew anyone from NJ. I said no and where the weapon was located in the vehicle; asking him if he was comfortable using it if he had to. My son said yes. I asked him if he had the window rolled down. He said yes. I told him to go to the police station.

He drove to the police station and the man was still behind him he said. My son was startled. He pulled into the police station with the weapon in his lap and the man I guess sped right past him finally. The man had followed him for over 3-miles. We live about a mile and a half from the police station. My son drove all over our sleepy little town just to see if this man was truly following him, and he was. My son was startled by the fact a person was following my vehicle and is now scared for my life.

He has contacted his dad on this matter. This isn’t a good thing. He got the guy’s license plate number and gave it to his dad. His dad is handling it. Who ever did this seriously fucked up. Who ever this traces back to, they fucked up too. Let it be my husband or my in-laws. They fucked with my son. My flesh and blood. You don’t have to worry about me fucking with their world. It is his father you have to worry about. He is not a nice man and his friends are even worse. They have no fear of anyone or the law. They are very protective of family too.

Who ever did this, they fucked up. They fucked up big time. I pray it comes back to to my husband and his family. I don’t honestly care at this point. I want to see the video of what they will do to him. It is my son that was startled.