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I spoke to a federal attorney yesterday who shed some light on a lot of things for me. Shed some light on admission of digital evidence after it has been altered. Shed some some light on how the video produced by Joe to paint me in bad light is not admissible and really doesn’t hold any weight against the MOUNTIANS of medical evidence and growing medical doctors testimony stating as a direct result of Joe trying to murder me 2 years ago today these injuries and my current state of health exist. 
And now they are going where they are going. I may be where I am health wise but ill take everyone down with the ship at this point. I have had to suffer for 2 years because of this. Multiple surgeries. Sick steady for 2 years. Some good days. Some really good days. And then there is now. 

I can say my family is happy the feds are listening and I’m not giving up. They are happy I’m fighting still. They are happy I’m working with NYPD and two county sheriff on the other case. (Which is gruesome,and makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it) 

In the meantime he still refuses to divorce me. Still refuses to divorce me. I’ve had him served at his old apartment before he was evicted (for drugs..imagine that) and of course he refused it. Refused!!!!!! 

But I’m the bad guy! I’m the crazy person! I’m the liar! No. No. And NO! Give me a break. Both him and his junkie girl friend live on extra money he gets for being married to a wife who has a restraining order on him And for three kids he can’t see unless its supervised. Well…. FOR NOW.  Enjoy while it lasts crackhead.