The easiest $25 you will ever make!



This is a good offer from ImpactHealth. I did the survey. It is a tad lengthy (32 questions) but if you answer the full questionnaire AND follow all of the instructions, including sharing your thoughts on healthcare, they will give you either a $25 gift card for Amazon or PayPal.

If you pick PayPal like I did, you just provide them with your PayPal associated email address.

Wait there is more!!!!!

Then they give you the referral link which you can share. For each person who fills out the survey, you get an additional $25.

Now here is what the email said when I got it back. You know I like to be as transparent as possible.

“Thank you so much for taking part in our Research Study. Your honest feedback will help make health insurance more simple and transparent for everyone. So thank you – you’re awesome.

Our team is looking at your response and if we have everything we need, we’ll send your compensation over right away. If not, we’ll reach out to you directly within the next 2 days to fill in any information we might be missing”

I picked the PayPal card of course because that is going directly into my savings account where it will sit and accrue interest.

An update. 

Well I got paid. It does work. I had to verify by sending over a document with a logo of my current health coverage. I sent over the cover sheet of one of my old health statements. 

Is confirmation of payment.

So sign up and do the survey. Easiest $25 I’ve ever made.