# 12

I only told three people this last week where I was actually going. It wasn’t to where I said I was going on my blog. I am actually in Phoenix right now. My poochies and I got on the RV and we were driven out here, stopping only for fuel and snacks, to come out here for number 12. When we arrived we were met by three of my closest and dearest friends. A girl needs big, bad asses to escort her around when she is in enemy territory and ones who on the federal level can go as they please. 

You are probably thinking what the Hell is number 12? Well, number 12 is the 12th surgery I have had in my journey to repair and recovery from the August 2015 attack from Joseph Michael De Riso.

My surgeon is ranked one of the top 50 in the United States. Without using all the big fancy doctor jargon, I will explain what I had done. It is round two of four in my reconstructive procedure on my face.

Yeah, he damaged my face that bad. The nerves, bone structure, everything is pretty much screwed. 

He went in and did a “dynamic reconstruction” on the facial nerve in my right and left cheeks and jaw line. As well, in my bones in my nose and sinuses, because of the extreme collapse he went in and opened it up some more. Unfortunately, I may never get my full sense of smell back.

The recovery time he said may take longer only because it deals with nerves but because I am going to take it easy and only do the speaking engagements and work from the RV once I am medically cleared, he said I may heal quicker since I have taken care of my skin.

I may be able to go home Monday or Tuesday. We shall see. If so, it is a long ride home. But hey I am not the one driving. LOL

My next appointment is with the audiologist to get fitted for hearing aids. The damage done to my ear drums, even after surgery, has caused such significant damage that my hearing is continuing to degrade. Everyday my world gets quieter and quieter. The ENT said my right ear drum was completely perforated and collapsed from the blows to the head and him slamming me up against the wall.

I have a neurologist appointment coming up to discuss the vision issues.

The moment someone runs him over with a bus, the moment I will be a happy woman. Living with all this medical issues because of him is becoming overwhelming while he walks around getting paid to be married and his junkie girlfriend enjoys the benefits.

I hope they both choke on their crackpipe.