Traveling for work with my crew

If you have ever had to travel for work, you know the pain it can be living out of a suitcase. I have so many lectures in the few months. However, in my case I am lucky I don’t have to stay in a hotel. I am taking the RV with me every where I go.

Of course if it were only that easy. I am taking my squad of pups with me. I literally have to load up the crew of dogs and put them on RV. I have to make sure I bring the full DVD set of Sapranos or they are not going to be happy.

Yes, my dogs favorite show is the Sapranos. Zeus the Moose will sit there for hours and watch the show. He cracks me up. If I turn off the TV, he will bark at me. Now, he has the other dogs attached to the show. It is like they have a special doggy language and he is the Don of the dogs. It kills me.

First stop, Cocoa FL. I have a four day stay over there. I am going to be also doing to some driving to do some photo taking and investigating while I am there. Then I am off to Ocala for two days. Then North Dakota, Arizona, California, Arizona again, New Mexico, Maine, back to Cocoa, then to New York, back to Cocoa (the government likes me), D.C. and then finally back home.

In the meanwhile, I am supposed to be keeping up on my businesses and making sure everything running smoothly.

Boy, I am happy I am not driving.