Well he isn’t happy πŸ˜‰ (photo)Β 

Got new additions to the house. Four to be exact and Zeus the Moose isn’t happy. He is used to being the big dog of the house. Not so much now. Now he has other friends. 

Welcome the new squad. Starting bottom left going clockwise to up top ending on the bottom right. 

Zeus the Moose 





Below you will find Pantheon and Kronos

For some reason I don’t think anyone will ever break in my home again; especially Joe the junkie or one of his cronies. 

My smallest is 125 lbs. Of course you know the Moose is huge. 

I know have just over 1,100 lbs of trained Rottweiler to guard me. If someone makes past them, well I will watch them bleed out while I forget the number to 9-1-1.