Really? I’m not as stupid as you look Joe & Co.

If you think I’m stupid, well guess again. Joe the meth head junkie may have given me traumatic brain injury but I’m not stupid or blind.

I’m cracking up over the fact so many must really think I’m an idiot. Let’s go over AGAIN the fact on the Home page you will find the disclosure that states I have multiple embedded IP trackers on this site and what info they gather. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Now, let’s go over some of the lies that were told to my team this last couple weeks.

  • Joe’s in the hospital. Funny not one hospital in the area has record of him. Every single hospital has not one Joseph Michael DeRiso. Matter of fact, not one hospital in all the major cities in Arizona do. Let me guess it’s for security reasons right they wont give out he is in there? Oh okay. Next lie please considering I’m actually his next of Kin even over Queen cunt his mother.


  • Joe has been there for a few weeks. Hmmm. Really? Including the days he signed refused on the USPS envelopes and refused service by the Process Server? Was he there those days too or did they let him out for a few hours just to hang out? That one is super duper confusing I’m sure for the staff of the hospital he is supposedly at.
  • Joe got into a motorcycle accident. See now this one WOULD be believable of it weren’t for the fact my attorney’s team in Arizona happens to include two former law enforcement officials. One of which is a former Department of Highway Safety. He had Joe’s name ran through the data base of accidents throughout Arizona since he is allegedly in the hospital which means emergency services were called and a report was made. Wouldn’t you know not one report exists. Wonder how that happens? Magic I guess. No trace whatswhatsoever. Better yet, if one had occurred there would be a record of the criminal action for driving on a revoked license. Wait though that isn’t in the data base either. I wonder why? Oh I know why now. Because it never happened.

See here is the deal, Joe is a little bitch who will look for any excuse to get away with anything. He knows I’m about to call check mate on his junkie ass and he can’t escape it like the women before me.

I’m not like the rest. I’m not weak. I don’t crumble under pressure. If anything what he did to me only made me want to stop him from brutalizing other women before he ends up killing one. And he will.

So in true Joe, anti-social personality disorder fashion, he creates a facade to garner attention.

Kind of like the night he called me telling me drug dealers were shooting at him. Or the night he called me to tell me he wrecked his bike. Or the night he told me he woke up screaming because he had such bad nightmares; sometimes he would say his PTSD was from his accident where he killed the professor and sometimes he would say it was from where he was attacked. Later I found out he was beat down in the brig because they don’t like rapists and woman beaters.

Let me guess this time, he can’t really have visitors because of whatever reason and of course the reason the hospital says he is not there is for security reasons because you know his wife, meaning me, is crazy. Oh okay. It’s all for his lies. Meanwhile he is off fucking around on his girlfriend and getting high, avoiding getting served and lying to everyone. Just more lies. What he does best.

Laughable considering when in conversation with a local agent yesterday, he asked if I heard from “The Scum bag” lately. I said no but he is supposedly in the hospital from a motorcycle accident. The agent said, “if it’s true, maybe he will do the world a favor and make you a widow. Hopefully he is in a lot of pain and they know he is a druggie so they make him suffer. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to pit him for you.”

I would share the running conversation with the agents about “pitting” him but I won’t. I’d rather keep my secrets.

By the way, that’s if what the source that told my attorney he is in the hospital is even telling the truth. They’re all connected.

By the way, for being “in the hospital” this address sure does read my blog a lot. This is a screen shot with one number from the longitude and latitude blocked out, the full IP blocked and 2 numbers from the address blocked.

I will give 1 guess who lives there.