Tuesday humor with photo 

My Rot is one of my best friends. Zeus the moose as we refer to him because he is well above average for his breed comes in at 235 lbs, 32 inches at shoulders from the floor when on all four and paws the size of a bear. His bite has been proven by science to be 328 lbs of pressure. One of the deadliest bites in world in terms of breed if they were protecting their human or property. 

Don’t let pouty eyes fool you below. 😂😂😂

Now I have never shown Zeus the moose a video or a photo of Joe on a crotch rocket  motorcycle or with a full face helmet. Every weekend we take him for a ride. 

He knows when it’s Sunday. He reminds us by crying and jumping every where. Matter of fact he destroyed some inventory because we did shopping before we took him on the ride. 

It was hot and I didn’t want to over heat him. I left some new inventory on the table, came back and he knocked it off the table. 

I can drive down the road with him in the vehicle no problem. He can see a regular motorcycle with a person in a full face helmet, he doesn’t react. 

The moment he hears a crotch rocket or sees one, he goes on alert. His hair stands up, he gets in this mode like he is going to go through the window and attack the person for being in the same vicinity. 

Why? I don’t know. It’s like he can see in my dreams. I find it funny though. He is so protective of me because it’s like he could sense I used to tense up around crotch rockets or the sound of them. 

Now he just wants to eat them. My 235 lb dog wants to eat Joe for being a Scum bag essentially. I find it funny. 

My dog wants to eat Joe for hurting his mommy. I think it’s funny. 

After my dog finishes his off the leash training he will be going every where with me so when I’m back in Phoenix if  Joe does come near me, it will only be funny to me. 

I just find it funny.