Still not convinced, eh?

The Nile is a river in Africa.

Denial is something you do when you don’t want to admit the truth.

Delusion is something Joe lives in EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Obviously his family, friends, co-workers, girlfriend, her friends and otherwise do too.

The courts don’t lie. I have no reason to lie. Obviously the Nile is not something anyone is swimming in anytime soon but denial is something he lives in.

Here is a much cleaner, shorter and easier to follow version video for you view so you can see that YES HE WAS CONVICTED OF A FELONY THAT YES DID INCLUDE RAPE  and BATTERY in it.

Side note: as I have said many times I do track this blog. One of the items that is tracked (as you can see on the disclosure on the home page), is even the name on the account on the device used. This doesn’t matter if you are using free WiFi like the person uses in Phoenix. I laughed because when I laid it all out there a few posts back about EVERYTHING uncovering a lot of his lies, one of the people he lies to the most had been reading my blog on a daily basis. She suddenly stopped reading it after that post.

Just tell me where to send the flowers for her funeral or which hospital room to send it to because her day will come if she doesn’t leave. With each relationship, his level of violence has escalated worse and worse. Yours will be DEATH!