Dear Ocala 

Dear reader in Ocala, 

I welcome you reading this blog thank you. I have several readers in the area. One of you in particular though I’m addressing this post in particular to specifically. You will know who you are when you read this blog. Cox communications. iPad. 

If you want to know his exact current address,  because I’m sure he has lied to you as he loves to do, get in touch with me. He lives on a street beginning with the letter “O” in Pheonix. I have his FULL address, including photos my private investigator took. If that’s not the current address you have, then you have been lied to as usual. However, of course I will not help you unless you help me. 

It’s quid pro quo. 

You can call and leave your email address at 941-218-0051. I will email you what I would like in return. 

I have other items that will help you take away his parental rights for ever based merely on his drug use and violence. 

Again, quid pro quo. 

I hope the babies are doing well. I do miss my step children.