Capital One 360

I was on the phone with my bank today with the security department, protocol when you have a security block on your social, and an interesting conversation came up. The topic of identity theft came up. The topic of identity theft, my husband Joe and his first wife Christine. But hey, that is none of my business considering how I wasn’t even married to him when he illegally opened a bank account in her name, filed taxes on children he didn’t even take care of for the entire year and collected the EIC on which got deposited into the Capital One 360 account.

In the conversation, ironic enough, his name was brought up and his conviction for his felony, his identity theft with the bank, and how Christine doesn’t even care that he committed identity theft on her. The security and fraud agent, of course, was taking notes.

The information given I received today was very interesting and potentially harmful on both of the parties

How anyone would be so neglectful and honestly want to commit fraud to a federal agency? And by two parties. IRS and a FDIC insured bank is never one you want to defraud. hmmm very interesting information given up today.