Two Years ago today the evolution of pain began

Two years ago today, I was sitting in my home in Tampa, Florida, having a glass of tea when my husband, Joseph Michael De Riso, found it best to beat the living shit out of me.

It was my day to get hit.

It was my day to get beat.

It was my day to get knocked around.

It was my day to get choked.

It was my day to get bashed in the face.

It was my day to be yanked by the jaw, put in a choke hold, hands put behind my back, wrist held so tight, knocked to the ground, and head bashed into the ground.

It was my day for my husband to continue to beat me until I passed out.

When I woke up, he was gone. Both of my wrists were swollen and I couldn’t use my right wrist at all. My face was swollen and bloody. I could barely open my jaw. My underwear was ripped and I had blood coming from my anus.

I called my office and told them I would be in late because I was not feeling well and need to see a doctor. I jumped in the shower to wash the filth off of me. I stood under the hot water crying thinking how could my husband do this.

Then I got pissed off. Then I got even more pissed off. Then I got really pissed off. I put on my robe and called 9-1-1. The Tampa PD came out and took a report with photos. I pressed charges. They wanted to call an ambulance. I told them it wasn’t necessary and that I could drive myself the 11 miles to the ER.

What was the fight over?

The fact I had to go in for a mandatory meeting which meant I needed to leave 90 minutes earlier than normal. He accused me of cheating with a DEA agent and that I wasn’t really going to work.

Instead I missed the meeting and ended up in the ER with concussion, a sprained wrist, a broken wrist, facial lacerations, a broken nose and bruised collar bone. I didn’t even tell the doctors about Joe raping me. I was embarrassed by it. I was embarrassed by the fact that my own husband was such a monster.

I told my manager I got into a car accident.

When the various agents noticed, I told them the same too. I still wonder to this day if they knew better.

This wasn’t the first time he had been abusive towards me. He had been before, but not like this.

I posted photos of my abuse to Facebook and was instantly met with opposition. I was told I shouldn’t put these kind of photos on Facebook. I was told I shouldn’t put my “broken face” on Facebook. I was told I shouldn’t put my dirty laundry or my drama on Facebook. I was told no one wants to hear about my domestic violence or personal problems.

I ended up taking them down.

Hell, even his ex wife made comments made comments about me posting my “Broken face” on Facebook. She is the one who came up with the term actually. Yet she claims he abused her and made several reports against him and this is the primary reason he cannot see the children without supervision. His mother said I was just trying to seek attention. His family said I was just a crazy bitch who did it to myself.

Nothing feels worse than being bashed after you were beat by your own husband. It is like those around you are chastising you for trying to get it out there that this person is a monster and to be aware of him. Yet, they stick up for him. Even the one person who claims to despise him.. his ex wife stands up for him.

Sadly enough it happened on my son’s birthday. Luckily enough he is an adult and didn’t have to see it. I didn’t tell him about it until well after I was moved out of my home. I didn’t want to worry him any. I don’t want to put that burden on my boys.

April 7, 2015 my husband beat me. Two years ago today. They wouldn’t arrest him for a couple more weeks and he would break in a couple more times plus slice my tires and my outside coaxial cable and internet line, break windows and stalk me. But his day would come to get arrested.

He initially got charged with a misdemeanor going in front of Judge Weiss. Judge Weiss was concerned because the original State’s Attorney read off the amount of times he had been arrested for domestic violence related charges. Judge Weiss said he would not allow Joe to hurt me again.

However, Joe would end up in Veteran’s Treatment Court under Judge Holder. This is where the special privilege began. Luckily enough, due the number of times Joe violated and the amount of attacks against me between April and August, Joe ended up with an upgraded charge of a felony. He plead guilty to the charges against him including rape.

You can see here that it all true that it is a felony, two years ago today Joe started his evolution of hate, filled violence against me. My nightmare began. physical and sexual battery.