Since I know there is one person currently reading this in Ocala using a Samsung Internet 5.0 Andriod based device, literally who has read five posts to this point, the day you essentially turned me down to help me and you bashed me is the day I decided that I will never help you. When I get back from where I am at currently, I am going up to Ocala. I have plans to set fire to plenty of things and it includes your world.

I provided medical, dental and vision insurance to your children. I have suffered tax penalties because of it. You LIED ON POLICE RECORDING about me and my vehicle. Your family verbally attacked me and I still have the video where your mother admitted to a crime in the state of Florida.

I provided your children with school supplies and Christmas gifts. I did NOTHING to you or my step children. Yet, you treated me like I was a monster. Matter of fact, I have the text messages YOU sent admitting YOU committed a crime as well under Florida laws.

If you are attempting to use ANY of this blog against Joe to relinquish his rights as a parent, good fucking luck dumb ass and I could then sue you. I am coming to Ocala soon.

You had your chance to help when I offered to help you. And it was enough to bury him 50 feet under. However, you are a selfish cunt who is an enabler and just as much to blame for the shit wrong with the kids as Joe.

It is sad they will grow up resentful and harmed because of your toxic wasteful, dysfunctional life.

You and Joe should get remarried. You deserve each other and too bad the children are the only ones who will suffer. You both use them as a pawn in your twisted game.