F#$% This S#@# Hurts!

I have days where I swear to you I could leap the moon and back. Those are the days I feel like Superchic! My body is that of a late 20 something year old. I am out in the yard, no matter what house I am at, doing my thing. It doesn’t matter if I am just working in it or I am working out.

Hell, in the yard here where I am at right now I am building a “man kitchen”.

It is a complete outdoor kitchen. I am talking laying the brick pavers, building the entire blocks where the actual grills and outdoor kitchen will go, framing out the deck and the roof, the whole nine-yards.

I am a one-woman construction crew.

Then I have days like today and what will probably be the next week. I am laid up in bed and am not going to be finishing up anything. My back and neck is so out of whack that I am in so much pain. I can barely move.

I refuse to take pain meds of any kind. I despise them.

I am married to a junkie. Do you blame me?

I have nerve disease in my higher lumber nerve roots in my L2, L3 and L4 which causes pain in my hips all the way down into my feet.

Compression of higher lumbar nerve roots such as L2, L3 and L4 can cause radicular pain into the front of the thigh and the shin. The pain limits me from standing, sitting or even laying down in one position for too long.

I have a high tolerance for pain but this actually brings me to tears.

The compression from the discs being injured during the attack in August 2015 cause me to be so uncomfortable at times that I am seriously limited in a lot of what I do.

Throw in my neck in is in constant pain. The last few days though, it is in more pain than normal. I think it is the change of climates. It affects how far I can move my neck from side to side and my vision.

I feel like I got my head ripped from one side to the other and then my eye popped out of my head. Talk about a constant headache too. The pain extends down into my shoulders. This pain is constant and never goes away. I have learned to live with it but man the last few days have been a nightmare.

I think it is either the change in climates or maybe even the elevation. Or it could be too that I have been having really bad nightmares again and when I do, I grind my teeth. This causes my muscles to tense up in my jaw and neck. Maybe it is a combo of all the above. Either way, I feel like I have been ran over by a bus.

Motrin, hot black tea and water time. The caffeine will open up the capillaries in my skull and get rid of this headache.