Uncovering Joe & His Mother’s lies (PHOTOS)

Back at the end of January of this year, Joe and his family (especially his mother and sister) decided to continue in their lies about me. This blog post is uncovering the lies they told and showing the truth. I hate it when that happens 😉

Not only did they continue in their lies, Joe made some pretty good threats “What do u think I’m do to u.” (I will take it that is challenged talk for “what do you think I am going to do to you.”)

He made reference to my son’s deceased father, stating his death was my fault “Well she already ruined no e [???] and the 3 huebands [sic] before me. One actually killed himeself  [sic] bc of what she did to him.”

To make jest of suicide is one thing, but to place blame on someone is another. Then to even speak ill of the dead and someone’s father really shows someones low character. But then again, it is a crackhead and a meth smoker we are talking about.

Several of my friends decided to stick up for me and of course, because Joe’s lies and heinous acts were being uncovered he decided to delete them and block my friends. This included two people who know him very well – one we shared a room with in Vegas when I paid for our trip before we were even married (his family knows full well he had $100 to his name during that trip) and the other is one of my closest friends and former guitar player from a band I was in for several years. I found out in late January of this year that Joe stole from my friend. I hate thieves.

But then again, we are talking about a crackhead and a meth smoker.

Some of the lies include

“He didn’t go to jail” (so his incarcerations on April 25, 2015 for two offenses against me, 9/12/2015 for 3 offenses against me, 12/11/15 for 4 offenses against me, and 02/09/16 for 4 offenses against me I guess means nothing? Oh and his FELONY conviction which includes RAPE CRISIS.

joe blog post court 2joe blog post court casejoe blog post court case1


Oh let’s check into that!

His family and friend’s lies first.

post lies 1

post 1b

Mary Anne DeRiso: “….All the stuff she says you did and you didn’t go to jail…..”

Joseph Krajeski: “…. If all of that were true you’d be doing 30 years….”

Annmarie DeRiso: “….if it was true and she WAS in the hospital don’t you think he would be in jail…”

Now of course, we all know Joe agrees.

Now lets go over to the Hillsborough County Jail and see what they have to say:


Now the Court system where he took a guilty plea because he knew his mother would help him leave the state of Florida to avoid the warrant out of Marion county for non-payment of child support. (hence he attempted to attend via telephone even though he was in the state at the time of the hearing).


guilty 1a.jpgwp-1481014525537


You can watch the video where it is laid out also where he went to court and the judge put him in jail multiple times and how his original charge went from a misdemeanor to a FELONY because of the nature of the crimes.

The original attack occurred on April 7, 2015. How do I remember this date? It is my son’s birthday. The same son he refers to his dead father!

Now on to the medical records, the same ones you will see that Joe asks “Where is the medical reports?”

Lets go over some of the medical records. The same ones that the Hillsborough County State’s Attorney showed his attorney and convinced him it is best to take the plea or if he goes to trial he is looking at about 25 years in prison because it is going to get bounced to a higher court where he is no longer eligible for special privilege.

First his question, along with a mentally challenged threat accompanied by some transference of guilt name calling.

post lies 2

post 1a

Now just a few of the medical reports. When I say a few, if I posted all of them you would literally be here for the next 14-weeks reading through medical jargon of how he seriously messed me up.

email 9

email 6

email 9

email 9

injury 21injury 20injury 19injury 18binjury 18ainjury 18injury 17injury 16injury 15injury 14injury 13injury 12injury 11injury 10injury 9injury 8injury 7injury 6injury 5injury 4injury 1injury 2injury 3email 6


For me it was! For him, he had it made! I worked 80 plus hours a week at a multi-billion dollar company making six-figures a year. I had two cars. I paid for luxury vacations. I paid all the bills. I paid for theme parks. I paid for him to go see his kids. I paid for us to go out to eat at any place we wanted, no matter the cost. I paid for his kids health, dental and vision insurance. I paid for everything. He worked three-months from the time he got his DUI and we moved to Tampa to the time he hit me in April. That is October to December. He didn’t even make it to his 90-day probation period because he got fired for drugs and theft. He was a mechanic for contracted company for the FEDEX trucks in Tampa. He and another mechanic stole items out of the boxes all the time while they both shot up meth.

post lies 6

post lies 6

“The worst of them happen to be triggered by the way someone moves around in their sleep. This most definitely does not make any sense to any of you especially because I’m not going to tell you what the PTSD is from.”

He can’t tell you what the so called PTSD is from because it doesn’t exist! He would break into my home while I slept and BEAT ME! If anything, the “PTSD” is a memory of me fighting him off me in order to try to save my life. I will tell you I did everything in my power to try to fight him off me until he would put his hands around my jaw and my throat. That is when he would choke the breath out of me and when I would wake up I would be covered in blood on my face.

Many times I went to work with blackened eyes and a swollen face. My boss called me in her office many times to address it. The industry I was in, this was not good.

He still refutes all the claims to this day including his conviction of a felony and his times in jail. As well, he swears I am the liar, the whore and the “mentally ill” one.

Now if you are a follower of Joe, as a lot of the readers are of this blog (oh how I love the embedded tracking), and you still believe his delusions of crack, I mean delusions and lies or that of his family YOU NEED TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE. As well, you need a refreshers course on reading comprehension and analytical thinking. But then the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Scum typically hang out with scum.

Successful people don’t hangout with scum. Run that through your head. You ever wonder why bad shit keeps happening to you? Hmmmm…

If you are a friend or loved one of his current girlfriend and you still support her being with him, tell me when her funeral is or what room she is at in the hospital. I will send flowers and offer my condolences. You are equally an enabler of his behavior, actions and delusions. You might as walk up to her and hand her a gun telling her to off herself because that is essentially what you are setting her up for.

Now him. Transference of guilt? Anti-social Personality Disorder! Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. However, studies point to “inherited traits”. (READ MORE HERE)

Now you are thinking, HOW DID HE BEAT THE SYSTEM?

Veteran’s Treatment Court and Special Privilege is one of the methods. Criminals have their own educational system with each other. They teach other how to abuse the system and how to get away with things. Ever want to know how to get away with a crime, find a criminal.

READ MORE ABOUT special privilege here. He found another way to abuse the system.