To sell or not to sell.. that is the question

I recently received notice from the management of Country Club I belong to that the landscape company that maintains the trees, shrubs and bushes they think employees my husband.

Their exact words “We are not sure but it looked like him. He looks Mexican and when one of our crew members yelled his name he looked then quickly looked away.”

Now out of concerns for my home, I am going to make the decision on whether or not I want to sell my very nice home in the very nice community. I am blessed to own a home in the community because if he were still with me I wouldn’t be able to get in since he is a convicted violent felon and drug offender.

I bought it before I even knew he was in Phoenix. But then according to his mother, she paid for him to go out there and she knew I was out there at one point. So essentially she paid for him to stalk me further. Funny how that works.

Of course they will deny that and blame me. Just like of course it was my fault he plead guilty to the crimes too. It was my fault he got so many DUIs. It was my fault he never paid child support (even though I was the one paying for everything).

I told the manager I will be out there in the next couple weeks anyways on business so I will stop in. I have to come out to go over contracts on a new location for one the businesses. It is opening downtown on N. Central near Renaissance Square. I am glad it deals with coffee because I am fueled by it at this point.

I may be seeking out a Realtor because that is the last thing I need is a crackhead near my home when I am not there. It is bad enough a company would hire one and then take them into an exclusive community like the one I have the house. It is a nice golf club. I am sure they don’t need crackheads and thieves running around.