Arizona – a law you should know 

Arizona is a free range state.

 What does this mean? 

As a property owner,  a person has the right to let their cattle or animals on your land to graze as they please. Now you can fence off you land to try to prevent the animals from coming on your land. However, say one gets on your land and your dog attacks the animal, the owner of the cattle or grazing animal has the right to shoot your dog for protecting it’s property. 

So, say I’m at my 60 acres in Sanders and even though I have it fenced off, any schmo can let their cattle graze on it without me having a say in it. When my Rottie protects the land because he feels it’s a threat, the owner of the cattle can shoot my Zeus. 

How is that fair? Essentially any asshole can say that my dog attacked their dead cow, even if he didn’t, and shoot him on my property legally. 

You come on my property without my consent, you are getting shot. 

Another law I just found about the real estate guy didn’t tell me about when I bought the land. 

The ditch that runs through part of my property isn’t my land. It belongs to the person that is where it starts and at any time they can come on my property  WITHOUT PERMISSION with heavy equipment to maintain it or dig it up. 

Any water than runs through the wash and river that runs through my land isn’t mine and I can’t use it. It belongs to the person where the river and wash starts. They can come on my land anytime they want WITHOUT PERMISSION to dig it up, collect water or maintain it. 

I say again, you come on my property without permission  or knowledhe it’s trespassing and you’re going to get shot. 

I got a great deal on the land. Now I know why. Fuck that.