Why Joe refuses Service of the divorce..The VA, $$ & FRAUD

This is why Joe refuses service!

You see my husband, the pussy woman beating, meth using coward that he is, refuses service for the divorce.

He gets 70% disability from the V.A. (even though he was kicked out of the military as an E1 after only 29 months of service for his heinous acts of violence and drugs). He gets it with spouse (I have a restraining order on him) and with three children (which is he is not allowed to see unless under supervision). He gets $1691.71 a month from the government for a disability HE caused (I have proof). That extra $353 a month is extra drug money for him. Well, you see according to the wonderful V.A. Representative that I spoke to he LEGALLY isn’t supposed to be getting that money because neither myself or his three children are his dependents. Matter of fact, he is committing fraud and has been been for almost two years.

After the paperwork that I gave them, including the divorce papers from his first marriage, they were very happy to receive it because fraud is a big deal in the Veteran’s Administration. They were even more astonished by the fact that he lied to them about the homelessness back in 2015. After the paperwork provided, they are now doing some serious investigating.

Let’s see $353 multiplied by all these months of fraud… well, I think he will figure it out when it hits him all at once.

Then there is the fact that according to the judge here, I am now entitled to a large portion of his benefits (this last court order was nice.. Maybe he shouldn’t have refused the summons Lord it is a NICE sum too. Unlike his first DUMBASS wife, I am not just going to trust he pays it) because of the injuries he directly caused. The V.A. loved the court order considering some of the abuse occurred on their grounds in Tampa and it was noted in records that was presented.

Did I mention what he is doing is a felony according to the V.A.? Oh my bad, I must have left that out.