Special privledge 

In the U.S. we have a criminal justice system set up that is supposed to punish offenders for their criminal offenses. When they commit an act, whether it be against a human or an entity, and it is in violation of a statute making it illegal, they are supposed to be held accountable. However, that is NOT how the criminal justice is set up.

There is such a thing as special privledge exists. They actually have seperate courts to create special privledge. This disenfranchises the victims further by not truly holding the offender accountable for his or her actions. The courts allow the offender to get away with crimes by completing lighter conditional sentencing and disregarding the severity of the crime.

Drug court

Veteran’s Treatment Court

These are just two of the types of courts that push the special privledge without regard for severity of offense. Moreover, they push the regard for the victim to the side. From personal experience, they don’t fight for the victim, they fight for the rights and protections of the offender.

Special privledge needs to stop.

My abuser, Joe, was in Veteran’s Treatment Court in Hillsborough County Florida. I was allowed to speak a couple times. Joe was allowed to verbally attack me in court which sent me into a panic attack in court. Joe was never held accountable for that. The State’s Attorney refused to look at or enter medical documents or even good Joe accountable for breaking terms of the court.

Here you can see the my communication the evening after a court status hearing. They were given all the medical records and emergency room reports stating my injuries were caused by him which was a violation of the no violent contact order. They refused to do anything to hold him accountable because of the special privledge court.

You can see in the email I state I had reached out to the court previously asking for help because beat me and they did nothing. I presented evidence them too.