So easy

Sometimes I sit back and laugh how easy it is to prove myself correct.

Recently I made a bet with my lawyer, a private investigator and a personal friend of 20-years that if jackass had access to one piece of information, he would jump on looking at it. HOWEVER, he would do best to cover his tracks by using an internet service provided at a secondary location; not using his personal data.

Again, a skunk never loses its scent. Just like a port-a-John no matter how many times you clean it will still smell shitty. That’s jackass. Forever shit and forever predictable.

My lawyer said that jackass isn’t smart enough to cover his tracks. As well did the other two. When you use a mobile device it leaves a digital finger print. Then when you use an ISP that is on a public network along with it, makes it even easier to track back.

I’m laughing because not only did he try to cover his tracks, he did it so poorly that he might as well just called so I could tell him that he just made a complete jackass out of himself by calling right into what was set up to catch him.

Thanks to a skunk never losing its scent, I won $1,000 on the bet.