Wake up & Hello

Well Damn. I’m up early because I go in for outpatient surgery today. Make this number 12 on the list of repair surgeries. I get to spend my weekend in bed. 

Yah! Fun times for Everyone! Not! 

I check my email and see my attorney has made it back. He and Missy just got back from Belize or Costa Rica. I don’t remember off the top of my head. Either way, he said my anal sewage got back to him. Something to the effect of I’m a cheat or a fraud and a waste of space or air. 

Coming from a crackhead, I just consider the source. 

My attorney said he will send me the photos while I’m in surgery. I guess it’s something to do with fucktard accusing him of being someone else too. 

Joe must be back on meth. 


Well light a candle, do a happy dance or say a prayer. I’m off to hopefully get some nerves repaired the fucktard damaged. 

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