Weekend get-away

You ever just need to get away? At the last minute we decided it’s a must need thing. I called my buddy Ted who has a private plane and asked how much he would charge to charter to the Bahamas. He flies there all the time. 

So here I sit, in the Bahamas. We fly back tomorrow night. I just needed a day shopping trip away from the stress and a massage on the beach. We have Zeus with us so we are limited. 

I have a beautiful time share here and am thinking about purchasing a condo. It’s here or the Virgin Islands. Not sure yet to be honest. Of course again everything is in my son’s name so Joe can’t get it in the divorce. If you’re to look on paper, well you can’t get blood from a turnip. 😅 

I am not dumb. I have put everything in my children’s name so he can’t touch a dime of it. He is stupid if he thinks he is getting anything from me. But then it’s been established he has a low IQ. Well, at least according to the medical documents I have on the laptop. An IQ of 98. Sad..special needs really..

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