not dead… just busy

contrary to what douche bag would like, not dead. Just busy.

Between the following:

  • a super big case load (HOLY BALLS BATMAN),
  • getting everything together for the research study coming up (YAH.. HAPPY DANCE!!!),
  • Four businesses,
  • started a new venture up with my best friend.. Put it in my son’s name so Joe can’t touch a dime of it because the money that has already come in from it is ridiculous!!!!!!!! #CSL
  • dealing with a friend got murdered  (yeah that was totally bogus to learn),
  • dealing with my in laws are still douche bags and my husband STILL DOESN’T want to cooperate with the divorce (I still don’t understand that.. but the judge loves it! He thinks it is funny and actually is giving me EVERYTHING I wanted in the petition and we are taking it to the VA and the VA will be forced to cooperate due to the court order! AHHHH I love getting my way! Plus all the back pay for all the money he collected because he collected it under fraud… PLUS for all the damages. OH he will be paying until he dies. Which at this rate will be soon anyways from what I hear because of all the meth he does with his crackhead girlfriend. (what kind of puttana sleeps with a married man who beats, rapes and tries to kill women (I should say kills women) and who doesn’t pay their child support?..oh thats right a druggie who is equal to him. No education and loser like him.)
  • Looking at more property in Texas so getting ready for a trip there (I know I need more property like I need a hole in the head.. oh wait Joe tried putting one there and it didn’t work)
  • Getting ready to hang out with some rock stars this weekend. As in real rock stars…. from like the 80s but hey they are real rock stars.
  • Getting ready for my ink session next week.. another 4 hours under the machine to finish up my sleeve. My arm is literally going to have about $2K invested into it!
  • Getting ready to testify for a grand jury to possibly bring an indictment against Joe for what could bring him down for good and maybe even his mother if it is proven she knew about all the shit. The authorities say they might have enough evidence to bring her with it all.

So I am not dead… just really busy. I still have to finish editing my books. I still have to finish retrofitting my kitchen. It is half way done. My shower is 3/4 of the way done. I had to take 4 days off. I got sick from some yuck some little kids gave me from the Aquarium.

Sorry Joe and MaryAnne.. NOT DEAD. Just very busy! But you can call 941-218-0051 if you would like to talk to someone. Oh MaryAnne that is right you already have my number since you text me all the time anyways.

Oh and Chrissy since I know you read this blog, I know where he is at exactly. I have his EXACT address (IP TRACKER embedded). Not his mommy’s address. That is NOT where he is at. Never has been. Since you didn’t help me you stupid little girl, I will never help you! Good luck there. You are just as crazy and screwed in the head as Joe is. Those kids I hope grow up and move far away from you both! You don’t deserve the title mother. You are nothing more than a uterus with legs who gave birth to three beautiful children who you use as a pawn in your manipulative game. Sadly I have things that could help you get Joe’s parental rights taken away forever and I will NEVER help you even though I wish nothing well on him. I wish nothing well on you either. You two should actually get remarried. You two deserve the same Hell!

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