Truth Tuesday: Maybe they can’t spell FELON

Since the clan De Riso – Maryanne, the daughters, the cousins, etc – and of course Joe deny his conviction of being a felon for beating and raping me, despite all the evidence all the evidence put out there, I thought it would even more appropriate to put it out there how it is so true that he was and is true that he is a convicted felon.

You can watch along here CLICK HERE

I captured the screen doing a search in the county he was convicted (Hillsborough County Florida), showing the official court documents on the websites. Line by line you can see he was convicted including where it shows RAPE and ADULT FELONY! And where he had to give up his fingerprints because he was adjudicated guilty and had to serve time in jail for it (he was given time served as part of his sentenced), given a fine (which he never paid) and there is no denying it. His initial arrest started off as a misdemeanor on April 7, 2015. However, due to his repeated arrests due to repeated beating me and the last beating and raping me resulted in a FELONY which HE PLEAD GUILTY TO… he TOOK A PLEA BARGAIN AND PLEAD GUILTY TO THE CRIME OF RAPING AND BEATING ME! The State of Florida does not allow these types of records to be sealed or expunged. They will NEVER go off his record.

So no denying it. He is a felon all day long. And to think his mother actually advocates this type of behavior. She blames me, the victim. He convinces all his friends that I am lying. The court system is lying. Everyone but him is lying. Funny, every female he has been with previous he has beaten and abused. Yet, I guess they lie too. Only Joe is the victim. Typical anti-social personality disorder (sociopath) narcissistic. And they hide it all from the new one. They say “I hope she doesn’t see any of this.” Like it is okay to beat on females knowing he has a 20 year history of violence against women.

Things he can never do again:

  • Own a gun.
  • Get a passport
  • Travel abroad or to most foreign countries
  • Vote
  • Get a student loan
  • Live just about anywhere where they do a background check for housing
  • Serve on a jury
  • A lot of employment benefits: such as obtain several types of special or professional license
  • Apply for almost any federal or state grants
  • Live in public housing that receives any type of off set of federal funding
  • Receive federal cash assistance, SSI, food stamp, several other federally funded benefits
  • Get a special driver’s license

Oh there are more.. the list is long. This is just the short list.

Maybe they just didn’t teach them how to spell FELON in their parts.

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