Thick as theives

Why is so freaking cold here? They are having a full on blizzard or something here! When the federal authorities picked me up from the airport I said “did you order this shit?” I don’t think the Feds have any sense of humor at all.

After a long morning of going through statements, evidence I had and documents Joe left at the house we shared I am back at my hotel.

I got on Facebook to find that one of Joe’s friends in Valrico kidnapped his estranged wife. There is so much irony to this whole thing.

The saying is “thick as thieves”. I’m his case, they were both just that. Plus both dope heads. This guys wife had a restraining order on him. Just like I have on Joe. My best friend and I just ran into the guy in Lakeland just a few weeks back at the bar. He told me that Joe was trying to find a throw away gun around the time I got a restraining order on him. I already knew Joe was trying to kill me. No surprise there.

Hell the cops have been by. The detective have had already said “there’s no polite way to tell you but your husband wants to murder you”.

To get on Facebook and see it though I was like “holy shit. No wonder Joe and him are such good friends. They are cut from the same crazy cloth.”


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