Packed my bags [last night] pre-flight

No this is not an Elton John “Rocket man” tribute. I literally packed my bags tonight for tomorrow’s flight. I can say tomorrow “I packed my bags last night pre-flight”.

Where am I going? Oh, well thank you for asking. 😉 I am flying to NY tomorrow to talk to some nice people about something I have that they have interest in. Seems someone hasn’t been playing nice for a VERY long time. Violence against women is frowned upon in a lot of parts of the country and I am sure around the globe. From what I am told by these people, they are very interested in what I have.

You see, Joe and I lived together at one point before he hit me. When we got married and until April 7 he and I lived together. He left a lot of his stuff there when I kicked him out. He had plenty of opportunity to come get it. When I moved out in a hurry, I moved bins with me. In some of these bins were paperwork, documents, trinkets, etc. Seems some of these items are of great interest to the people who I am talking to because well, seems Joe has done some bad things to some good people. The things left behind in these bins, whether it be by accident or by pure stupidity because he was just too high, well, they link him to some pretty  crazy shit.

If I would have seen this shit before I had the chance to sign the marriage certificate, I would have ran the opposite direction and called these people ASAP! I would have called them and told them right where he was at and told them to come get him.

Sadly, I wouldn’t doubt if his mother knows all about it and helped hide him from it all by covering it all up and by denying it. It is disgusting. It is that horrible. It is beyond unimaginable. It is something that I could not ever dream of for sure. Either way, tomorrow I land in NY. Fun times! Close enough to my mother in law I can smell the sewage.


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