Dear “Crystal” & Joe & his crackwhore

One of Joe’s “friends” “Crystal” from the greater Scottsdale area decided to make a comment on my blog. So Joe, you can thank your “friend” for getting a lot more shit exposed over the course of this next week. 


The person said I had a lot of time on my hands. Today I do because my flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning where I get to go back wearing flip flops, shorts and tank tops instead of looking like the I have 50 layers of clothing on. I only brought my Chucks and 2 pairs of socks in terms of footwear. My feet are freezing. I have got take out for dinner.

So directly to Crystal, please know I know you didn’t use your name and the internet isn’t always a safe haven. At least this website isn’t. I have ALL your information. You are:

“Crystal” using Cox communications on a Galaxy Note 4 with screen resolution of 1440×2560 on Chrome for Android with an IP of 68.225.135.** (I blocked out your last two of your IP for your privacy… I will release them if you keep it up)


Host name: wsip-**-**5-**5-* (I blocked out some of the numbers for your privacy)



33.5** (I blocked out some of your numbers for your privacy)


-112.9** (I blocked out some of your numbers for your privacy)


Don’t fuck with a very intelligent person with powerful resources who know what he did to me and who are looking for him! See unlike Joe, I have no reason to lie. I provide nothing but evidence and will continue to provide it. Intimidation does nothing but push me harder to expose him! He runs from the law. He hides from the divorce yet he I am the bad guy. 

This “Crystal” person said I have too much time on my hands. I guess their definition of time on my hands is working a shit ton of hours, running three businesses, going to doctors appointments to treat what Joe did to me, living life to the fullest because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring considering the brain injury Joe gave me when he tried to kill me has given me early on set of Alzheimer and traveling and of course there is attempting to get a divorce from an asshole who is collecting money for being married AND for three other dependents he is not allowed to see unless he has 100% supervision and that I provided medical, dental and vision insurance for (and paid child support payments for. I guess this “Crystal” person (by crystal I am sure they mean crystal meth), is right I just have too much time on my hands.


You might want to tell Joe your friend’s just fucked you over! Sign for the divorce! And man, his shit is about to get even worse because every night now when I get back to my home in Florida I am going to expose a lot more shit about him. Fuck you “Crystal”. Bet your last name is “Meth”

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