Daily affirmations

I buy a lot of books at my favorite thrift store. 

Who can pass up the deal when a paper back is only 50 cents and a hard back is only $1?

My Florida home, my guest bedroom is literaly a library. The walls have been retrofitted to become bookshelves. I have at last count over 2,000 books. I would say the count is closer to 4,000 but I’ve not counted in two months. I buy at least 50 books a day, five days a week. 

I bought a book recently that has become my daily affirmations book. I open it up and it is my rule of the day.  And no matter what my morning mood. 

I opened it up and it couldn’t be more fitting for something I’m going through. 

By the way, this is the book. 

I love this book. 

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